Collagen, the most abundant and load bearing protein in humans, determines multiscale structure, composition and physical properties of tissues to control their function during development and homeostasis, and during many pathologies such as fibrosis, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, aging, cancer metastasis, osteoarthritis, etc. A well-regulated collagen turnover in healthy tissue extracellular matrix (ECM), which is necessary to maintain tissue collagen levels via a balance between cellular synthesis and enzymatic degradation of collagen, is altered during the above-mentioned pathologies. A tissue ECM sustains mechanical strains produced by cellular contractility and external loads. With a focus on collagen protein turnover in diverse tissues, I am interested in understanding mechano-homeostasis of the pathological tissue collagen in order to develop ECM mechanical stimulation based novel therapeutic strategies with an aim to restore function and to improve regeneration of pathological tissues as well as to establish novel protocols for tissue health monitoring/ disease diagnosis.